What are some of our Best Practices?

Service Learning – Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education

Over the course of the past four years, the Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education has had strong ongoing relationships with schools in the Rochester community. Beginning in the spring of 2009, the Physical Education/Teacher Education faculty and students have worked closely with Flower City elementary school (School 54), bringing upwards of 85 students to our facilities, generally, two times a year in order to experience a variety of movement experiences under the supervision of our upper division ‘teacher certification’ students. The visits are part of an ongoing initiative that is bi-directional in nature. That is, the students and staff from Brockport collaborate with students and staff from the Flower City School in organizing the initial ‘welcome', physical activities, culminating meal and ceremony. Although the activities, for the most part, take place on our campus, a subset of students from our program visit the Flower City School in order to collaboratively organize the activities. We remain in contact with both teachers and administrators at the school and there is strong momentum to move forward with this ‘service learning’ initiative not only in physical education, but in math, language and science. We have been working with our colleagues at both the college and at the Flower City School to facilitate this work.

Beginning in the fall of 2011, we established a strong working relationship with True North Rochester Preparatory Academy. During the fall of 2011, upwards of 40 middle school aged students attended a 'half day workshop that introduced the students to our biomechanics, athletic training, exercise physiology and pedagogy laboratories. The visit took place with the collaboration of our colleagues in these disciplines. Currently, we are working with our colleagues in physics and chemistry in order to facilitate visits from True North Preparatory Academy students to their facilities, along with more visits to ours. During the spring of 2012, two professors in our Physical Education/Teacher Education program acted as ‘honorary’ judges in the academy’s annual science fair.

In 2011, Dr. Sheri Treadwell was asked by Dean Short to facilitate a new partnership with Jefferson High School, a Rochester City School made up of primarily underserved youth. The purpose of the partnership was to expose potential college-ready students to the possibility of higher education. During the fall semester of 2011, 40 high school seniors came to campus where they were partnered with undergraduate students from the Physical Education/Teacher Education major. The students from Jefferson High School attended class and, as well, took part in an individualized campus tour that was based on the students’ personal interests. The feedback from the students upon their return to high school was overwhelmingly positive and the response from our undergraduates was equally positive. During the spring semester of 2012, Dr. Ferman Konukman facilitated the partnership with a new group of students.

Submitted by: Doug Collier
May 7, 2013