Field Experience Office
During the 2012-13 academic year, the Field Experience Offices in the Departments of Education and Human Development, KSSPE and Health, worked in partnership with schools and community agencies to develop 1346 field experience and student teaching placements. These 789 field experience and 567 student teaching placements took hours of phone calls, emails,faxes, and school visits to develop. Thanks to Kimberly LeRoy, Laura Kingdollar, Melissa Jordan, Diane Maurer, Janet Peluso-Militello, and Shelly Smith for their efforts in providing candidates with these experiences. For more news about field experience read their newsletter.

Counselor Education
12 Counselor Education students presented their Master's Thesis this past April. In addition to the graduating students, over a dozen students enrolled in EDC 606: Research & Program Evaluation presented at the Graduate Scholarly Conference. For more news on the Department of Counselor Education, read their newsletter.

Education & Human Development
The Department of Education and Human Development recently welcomed 40 students in the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) programs at Lyndonville and Greece Olympia high schools to campus. AVID is a college readiness system for elementary through high school designed to increase school-wide learning and performance. During their visit, the AVID students attended a portion of Dr. Janka Szilagyi’s Diverse Learners in Mathematics class, toured the campus and ate lunch in Harrison Dining Hall. Special thanks to Leigh Robinson (president of Kappa Delta Pi and graduate student in the Adolescence Social Studies MSEd program), members of Kappa Delta Pi and professor Aggie Seneway for hosting the event.

In other news, assistant professor, Dr. Sandra Cimbricz, recently published “To Thine Own Self (and others) Be True” in New York State ASCD’s issue of IMPACT. In the article, Dr. Cimbricz offers a thinking process for teachers and teacher candidates to consider about themselves as they attempt to evolve into and sustain the role of the “whole teacher.” Cimbricz insists that teachers must identify and stay true to their authentic selves so that during any change in the educational landscape will not change the true essence of who and why they hold certain characteristics.

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Educational Administration
Educational Administration students and Counselor Education students engaged in an exciting experiential activity. Ed Admin students developed mock school counseling job postings. School counseling students applied for the positions they found most appealing. The administrators in training reviewed "candidate" resumes and cover letters and invited a select few to a mock interview (although, all candidates were interviewed by at least one "school district"). After the interview, the administrators made mock job offers to the candidates. The school counseling candidates shared their reasoning for accepting or declining a position. Once a candidate accepted a mock position, the administrators shared why they selected the candidate. All "employers" and "candidates" processed the activity as a group. At the end of the exercise, administrators met with the candidates they interviewed to provide direct feedback about how to improve their interviewing skills. One administrator said, "I liked how you provided stories to answer our questions." Another said, "I appreciated when you were honest about what you are working on improving." The candidates also provided feedback to the administrators about how they perceived the interview experience. One school counselor said, "You were writing the during the entire interview. I found it distracting and hard to connect with you." Another said, "When you looked over your glasses at me, I felt intimidated." The activity was well received by both sets of students.

Kinesiology, Sports Science & Physical Education

Health Science

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